Then Open Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-4pm

The fish counter will now be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am until 4pm from 9am on Friday 5 June.

Over the next few weeks there will be limited stock available so we strongly recommend ordering in advance – please email your orders to by the Tuesday of that week at the latest. We hope to have the following fresh fish available (depending on the markets):

Cod Loin

(Portions or whole loins)

£22 / kg

(approx. £3.50 / portion)


Cod Fillet £20 / kg

(approx. £3 / portion)


(fillet only, whole sides available 1.5kg approx.)

£22.50 / kg

(approx. £3.75 / portion)

Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon

(whole side / 100g packets or hand-sliced)

Whole Side £45 approx.

100g packet £6.75

Hand-Sliced £5.50 / 100g


(Sashimi Grade)

£29.50 / kg

(approx. £7 per steak)



£9.90 / kg

(whole fish price)

Hake Cushion

(off the bone)

£22.50 / kg

(approx. £3.75 / portion)

Hake Chunk

(on the bone)

£19.50 / kg

(approx. £3.50 / portion)

Sea Bass Fillets £26.90

(approx. £3.50 / fillet)


(on the bone or filleted)

Bone in £25 / kg

Fillet £36 / kg

(£6.50 / portion approx.)


(whole or fillets)

£24/ kg

(whole fish on the bone)

Lemon Sole £25 / kg

(each fish £11 approx.)

Dover Sole £36 / kg

(each fish £16 approx.)

Turbot £28 / kg

(whole fish on the bone)

Smoked Haddock

(Pre-frozen fillets)

£18 / kg

(approx. £3 / portion)

King Scallops £39.50

(£2 each approx. depending on size)

Giant Prawns

(100-200g each)

£52 / kg

Vary from £4-£10 each, please specify large or small


(whole or split, cooked or live. Each fish 700g-1kg approx.)

£39 / kg


Medium Raw Prawns

(30g each approx.)

£27.50 / kg
Cooked Crevettes

(20g each approx.)

£27.50 / kg

Do please let us know the weight and how you would like your fish prepared (skinned or skin on, filleted or not, bone in or not, whether you would like individual portions or whole pieces / whole fish). Orders can be collected from our car park for anyone who is isolating – please let us know if you require this service.

We hope to see you at the William’s fish counter soon!