We are now taking orders for Judy Goodman’s famous Bronze turkeys and geese – hand-reared in the rolling pastures of Walsgrove Farm, Worcestershire for over thirty years and praised by some of the top chefs around the country.

Rick Stein, the Two Fat Ladies and Jamie Oliver have all collected geese from Judy’s celebrated farm and she even took two live geese with her to feature on Jamie’s Christmas Special. She also featured on Delia’s Christmas Special, as well as the Rick Stein Christmas Food Heroes and has been recommended in the Telegraph, Financial Times & Mail on Sunday.

The geese and turkeys are grassland-reared and fed an entirely natural diet with no additives or growth promoters. They are dry plucked and waxed, then hung for about 10 days before being boxed. All the birds are beautifully presented, tied up with string, adorned with a sprig of herbs, and sold with a vacuum pack of giblets, a pack of goose fat and a recipe leaflet.

The family farm, which is nestled between the Abberley Hills and Woodbury Hill, extends to 500 acres – 100 acres of grassland is used for the geese and turkeys, as well as 130 Longhorn cattle which graze free over the pasture. 370 acres of land is used to grow arable crops including wheat, barley, oats, beans & oil seed rape which are used for feeding the animals. The straw is used as bedding and recycled back onto the land as fertilizer.

Turkeys range in size from 4.5kg to 10.5kg and we would recommend allowing at least half a kilo per person. The largest goose is approximately 7-8kg and will feed 10-12 adults; the smallest is around 4kg. To guarantee a treat on Christmas Day, please let us have your order by Friday 5 December, let us know the size and which day you’d like to collect (23rd or 24th December).